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Witness to History:The City Hall; Belfast Castle.Photos: Kumar Iyengar

Belfast Castle located at the foot of Cave Hill is a fairy tale castle. The climb up Cave Hill affords a breathtaking view of Belfast Lough (the Irish name for Lake) and the city of Belfast. On a clear day you can even see the Mountains of Mourne (made famous by C.S.Lewis)!








paul smith – london -tom’s cafe

paul smith ; Tom’s- http://www.urbanpath.com/london/delicatessens/toms.

paul smith – art deco dresses – http://tortoisie.livejournal.com/78182.html

my fashion favs will be added to my   http://www.style.com/community/lookbooks/browse/user/s2011v henceforth……..staring with paul smith today

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One cannot see all of Paris in just one trip…as it seems to reveal a new side each time you visit.

Le Louvre (most famous for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa) is an art-lover’s paradise
Tourist’s delight: Arc de Triomphe.

I never figured exactly why Paris was called that till I set my eyes on this beauty that they call the most gorgeous city in the world. Ok so officially it is called ‘ The City of Lights’ but I prefer the love name over the lights, simply because love all but ricochets off every square inch of the city. I felt a flutter in the pit of my stomach even before I took off and I had certainly done my fair share of travelling so it had to be pure excitement.

Landing at Charles de Gaulle was an experience in itself; the quirky mélange of a dozen lingoes is so contagious I promptly traded in my jet-lag for lustful observation. Luckily for me my husband Chirag having made visits here several times for work, knew the map by-heart; which truly is the clincher in Paris. Always make it a point to talk at length to people who have either lived there or travelled often to make the most of your Parisian experience rather than just a run-of-the-mill touristy one.

“Breathe Paris into your being like a Parisian” my French teacher would always say and I recalled that standing at baggage claim. The metro at the airport was the coolest thing I had set my eyes on (strange as it sounds). As I drank in my first sight of this magnificent place, my husband whisked me into the metro and we were on our way — Paris was waiting for me to explore!


For anybody with a limited budget, or not wanting to splurge on accommodation since anyway in a place like Paris you’ re not going to be hanging around your hotel too much — Quartier Latin is your calling. Why it’s perfect is because it’s like this young, hip, artsy corner of the city bustling with students, artists and dancers — with a fusion of languages, music and banter; it’ s a peppy space and any among the string of hotels for you to choose from should suffice.

Street life in Paris and Le Louvre.

Ok so everybody has to make that compulsory visit to one of the seven wonders— so do that, enjoy the view at the Eiffel Tower and once done head to other destinations most tourists don’ t get the pleasure of. Le Louvre (most famous for Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa) is an art-lover’s paradise. Even me, who doesn’t have one artistic bone in my body, spent like two full days just glancing at the etchings by world-famous names.

Also try and visit other lesser known ones like Arc de Triomphe or Chateau de Versailles (only if you’ re someone with an artistic eye though). But what truly stood out for me was taking the night cruise on the River Seine (which cuts across the city) then uncorking a bottle of blush right by the river thereafter.

There is a ‘Paris by Night’ option for the ones whose wallets go deeper. Basically though just wake up early and use your feet in Paris, you just never know what majestic sight you might stumble upon. It is a city of layers; she’ll only unravel to you if you really probe.

Wear it, eat it, drink it

Now what’s Paris synonymous with? Fashion, right?! Gosh if I thought I had seen it all as a fashion writer, Paris was my mother ship.

So Champs-Elysees; as though a fashion collection set up just for moi sent me on this delightful trip, with my husband reminding every minute, no, every second that we couldn’t afford even a shoe lace from there so to waste precious time. But was it worth just the peeping or what?!

Another thing that you must do for sure, is visit at least a couple of bistros (Parisian cafes) daily and just spend some time basking in the sunrays and observing Paris walking by; it’ s the perfect way of imbibing the true soul of this city. As for your taste buds, Paris is a gastronomic delight; meat lovers can sample away! A must-try is this meat chain called Hippopotamus (ironic as hippos are veggies) but the succulent noises coming from the hub, showed me how delicious the preparations must be.

Also there being such a heavy influence of Lebanese and Moroccan don’t miss this cuisine that will drive your taste-buds insane with its delectable delicacies.

Friends of the carnivores like me do have to look a little further for vegetarian, but the host of Indian restaurants makes it easier, and if you’ re not fussy the salads are yummo! But it’s always a smart choice to carry some dry munchies just in case. Oh, and even the weight-watchers absolutely ‘ have’ to bid adieu to their diet charts and dip their fingers into the sinful fondue that Paris is oh-so-famous for; don’ t worry your daily walkathon will take care of the calories. Don’t come to Paris and miss this ‘magic in your mouth’; my personal nickname for it. Yes it’s that good!

Paris comesm to life

Paris is a city with no agenda; you have to assimilate into the feel of the city. The metro here is a masterpiece in itself; public transport due to this becomes a piece of cake.

Easy connectivity to every nook makes the city completely accessible even to first-timers. But what’s really worth a mention; the aspect that highlighted itself in the city (and not just because I’ m high on the green cause) is the ‘bicycle drive’; this intricate network of bicycle stands all over the city that one can rent from any point up to any destination of their choice; making transport just so convenient for citizens and tourists alike. I just pray more cities would have the sense to undertake such an initiative, only to battle global warming if nothing else.

Now I know the secret behind the voluptuous French women (who were the object of my constant envy); they practically walk or bicycle for a living, no wonder! The smell of freshly baked bread even today will always transport me to the streets of Paris; the patisseries (bakery) leave me speechless!

The concept of stepping into a bakery even if to bite into a soft, warm freshly baked piece of bread is alien to the rest of the world. I could’ve survived on just the bakery products in the city, if not for the terror of my trainer back home. Paris is simply ‘unique’ in the true sense of the word; if it is at all possible to contain this maze of wonders in one word.

A passionate globe-trotter, incidentally a travel host today when referring to this city always recounted ‘You can never fully explore Paris; she will open up a new side to her persona with each visit’.

I was overwhelmed with my first one and I honestly can’t wait for adventure number deux; whenever that might be. Paris; je t’ aime beaucoup; I add.


* Travel

Paris is a city best seen on foot, it lets you discover a maze of wonders evasive to most who don’t probe. But the metro makes public transport a blessing for longer distances. Also their meticulously organized bicycle stands across the city is an option for the planet lovers.
* Lodging Quartier Latin – this hip yet affordable part of the city is your solution.
For the ones with the bucks, Paris is your haven, But since most of us are on shoe-string budgets.

* Must-see

The French romantic cabaret ‘Moulin Rouge’ is a spectacular experience in itself. This internationally famous show that threw its doors open in 1889 is unquestionably one of the highlights of your Paris tour.

* Must-munch

Paris a gourmand’s rapture, presenting every kind of delectable cuisine. But it’s the Parisian bistros that are the hidden treasures. Eat your way around these innumerable bistros that dot the city.

* Shopaholic’s delight

So Paris is for the shopaholics. And granted it is criminal to indulge in retail therapy here. But still, for those with a penchant for fashion; save on something else and do take back a style souvenir from the glam capital of the world!

Museums and galleries

* Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs
* Carnavalet
* Centre Georges Pompidou
* Cit‚ des Sciences et del’Industrie
* Cluny
* l’Eglise du Dome
* Delacroix.
* M‚morial de la Shoah
* Jacquemart-Andre Museum
* Picasso Museum
* Les Invalides
* The Louvre
* Mus‚e de l’Orangerie
* Mus‚e d’Orsay
* Mus‚e Marmottan
* Mus‚e National de la Marine
* Rodin Museum
* Mus‚e en Herbe

Don’t miss

* Chartres – The 12th century cathedral of Notre Dame
* Versailles – The Sun King Louis XIV’s magnificent palace
* Giverny – The house of the painter Claude Monet
* Disneyland Resort Paris – In the suburb of Marne-la-Vall‚e
* Fontainebleau – Historical town south of Paris









Hotel du Clos is in the little postcard-perfect village of Le Rouret






Paris, London, and Rome in the summer-These are all great cities, but not in the summer. Most Parisians leave their city in August, and they have the right idea.

………. going in the winter can be nice. And even if you do pay in dollars, lodging will usually be cheaper in the late fall or winter…………….

Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2010

Monocle: Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2010

June 16, 2010

Monocle's Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2010

Monocle Magazine has released its annual Quality of Life rankings for 2010. The judging factors go outside of economics and politics and focus on liveability factors such as restaurants, green space per head of population, response time for emergency services, local entertainment, and even the ease of starting businesses.


1. Munich

Munich claims the number 1 spot in the Quality of Life Survey for its balance between technology, green thinking, and the arts. And while the rest of the world is faced with a shrinking population, Munich is reporting an upswing in birth rate.


2. Copenhagen

After playing host to climate change conferences over the year, Copenhagen has set the standard for low-emission urban living and is continuously transforming itself into the eco-capital of the world.


3. Zürich

The recent financial turmoil has done the city good;  more and more young people are flocking to the area and starting up their own businesses. Pair the new entrepreneurial spirit with stellar educational facilities, and the city has begun to boom.


4. Tokyo

Despite the bustling crowds and high-rise buildings, Japan’s capital remains clean and eco-conscious. By 2013 the city is expected to create 200 hectares of green space alongside with 200,000 new roadside trees.

image by Tilton Lane


5. Helsinki

This small city provides a welfare system that ensures a high quality of life, free education for everyone, and even free wifi. In addition, the city is connected to major cities – just 8 hour flights to both New York and Asia.

image by Claudia.Ar


6. Stockholm

Stockholm boasts Europe’s cleanest air and provides areas where you can swim in clear waters and cross-country ski across forests. Recently, the redevelopment of its docks and new residential projects has helped the city to rank at number six.

image by Claudia.Ar


7. Paris

Recent developments of reconnecting the city with its disenfranchised suburbs and taking back its place in the culinary world has leveraged Paris beyond its postcard-perfect streets and charming cafes.

image by skene


8. Vienna

Vienna is home to top-ranking health care, a reliable public transportation network, acres of green space. On top of that, the Austrian capital continues its redevelopment efforts for its shorelines and sponsors numerous public cultural events.

image by Kliefi


9. Melbourne

Beyond its fun-loving cultural image, Melbourne means business. The state’s average economic growth is 3.3% and job growth is at 2.1%.

image by alistair_35


10. Madrid

The capital of Spain has taken on a new endeavor titled the Madrid Rio Project, which reclaims 8km of river parkland and urban beaches. Other ground breaking projects include the creation of 16,000 new homes and green space.

image by R. Duran

The rest of the 2010 Most Liveable Cities Ranking are as follows:

11. Berlin
12. Sydney
13. Honolulu
14. Fukuoka
15. Geneva
16. Vancouver
17. Barcelona
18. Oslo
19. Montréal
20. Auckland
21. Singapore
22. Portland
23. Kyoto
24. Hamburg
25. Lisbon