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Cold mountain – Han Shan

Zen poetry at its finest…..Nature – best teacher


lovely …..free

Tuscan Adventure

Tuscan adventure, was it all dreamed

Rolling hills played with mist, so it seemed

The people all smiled, full of life’s joys

Children played, both girls and the boys.

Foods of such taste that I’m drooling right now

As we sat and ate outside as nature allowed

Something so peaceful, a calm to the place

Like a painting on canvas trimmed with white lace…

Free Verse: Bamboo Grove


Bastet and Sekhmet's Library


Free Verse

Bamboo Grove

Walking in a bamboo grove
searching for serenity
the rustling leaves
gave me the peace I sought
their shade from harsh light
refreshed my soul.
Basho would say
that harmony can be found
even in a crowded city.
I travelled to a park
among pine trees, palm fronds
and a bamboo grove
and was rewarded.

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earth sounds

Nature in all its glory – wonderful

The Silence of Our Thoughts


Source of Inspiration

How long can you be
alone with your thoughts,
no distractions: book
remains closed, TV off,
no idle conversation,
no music–just silence
and your mind? Where will
your thoughts take you?

Most people are afraid
of being bored, but why
would we find our perception
of our world boring?

Other people may fear being
faced with their ghosts
from the past. Regrets, guilt,
hurt, resentment, should haves…

Then there are worries about
the future; the “what-ifs” that
keep us a prisoner, afraid to
act, to decide, to go forth
with faith and resolve…
what if
lead us

What might we find deep
within our consciousness?
What worlds unexplored,
full of possibilities and
promises are waiting for
us to be silent and aware.

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Words That Flow Like Water

Is nuclear.

Family, is the brother,

The sister,

The mum

And the dad.



Is the grandparents,

The uncles,

The aunts,

The family from all sides,

Near and far,





The people that you love,



Fight with,




And wives.



Comes in all shapes,

All sizes,

All respects,

And all different.



We think about them,

When we are sad.



We hurt, when they hurt.



We love them, even if we hate them.



When you have none, those you love the most,

Become the people you call “family”.



Is like “home”,

Residing with those who you call your own,

Who love you for who you are,

Who respect what you respect,

And who you respect what they respect,

Who look after you when you’re hurt,

Bleeding, broken hearted, crying,

Who yell…

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On the wings of a dove

Shades of poetry

Love the line – sky is raining gold , Life, sunshine and hope.

Words That Flow Like Water

The sky is overcast,

With the grey shadows of the winter,

Blessing the land,

With the gift of life,

Flowing with liquid,

Rich, clean, clear and blue.

The rain passes with a thunder

And a roar,

Quaking the land,

And shaking little tails

Poking out from small, unseen,

Little hideaways

Leaving behind its darkness,

Sheltering the land.

The heavy liquid,

Flattens the land,

Mowing it down,

As it rests,

And bathes,

In the storm of the day.

Then it sparkles,

Little twinkling shines of light,

Blink, left and right,




As the evening sun sets.

Its light pours over the storm,

Like and overflow of genius,

Tucked under fear.

It explodes,

In the evening,

Across the clearing sky,

Raining gold,

Painting the land,

No—bathing it,

In yellow, dying it,

This shade of tomorrow.

What is this feeling?

Of utter bliss?

Of amazement?

Of a yellow coloured world?


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On a summer morning

New beginnings

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On a summer morning
take the walking stick,
your worries will go away
like fog disappears.

Cheery blueness of the sky
smiles in your heart
surrounded by God’s faithfulness
with his loving umbrella.

All around you only flowers, new shoots
and heavy stalks,
it is as love walks besides
you on the road.

It all sounds so much like home
in your father’s house,
and above the larks song
your soul is ascending.

Theodor Fontane

An einem Sommermorgen
da nimm den Wanderstab,
es fallen deine Sorgen
wie Nebel von dir ab.

Des Himmels heitre Bläue
lacht dir ins Herz hinein
und schließt, wie Gottes Treue,
mit seinem Dach dich ein.

Rings Blüten nur und Triebe
und Halme von Segen schwer,
dir ist, als zöge die Liebe
des Weges nebenher.

So heimisch alles klingt
als wie im Vaterhaus,
und über die Lerchen schwingt
die Seele sich hinaus.

Theodor Fontane

Photography Credit…

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Light or Dark

Fresh starts