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Zen design

3 Modern living roomMinimalistic lines are the obvious influence of traditional Japanese interiors on contemporary spaces.Balance is key in a zen style home.Simplicity. Clutter is not part of the zen philosophy.This is Rurikou-in temple, KyotoSoftness underfoot creates relaxation in a zen room.Ideally, a zen room would be free from peace disturbing electronic devices.This up to date play on zen styles out each simplistic element.Zen dining areas can be formal too.Keep any accent colors uplifting.If you don't have an outdoor garden, you could always incorporate the zen garden ideal within your interior room, using twisted trees and pebbles.minimalist dining tableSliding doors allow the exterior and interior of this Japanese city loft to organically meld one into the other.Bare essential furnishings keep this living space from feeling cramped or cluttered letting the beauty of its wood and white elements reflect and bounce the natural light.Zen meditation room.The backs on these floor seats are a welcome addition.This window seat complete with tea kettle is a zen box.Natural materials are key.Paper paneled doors never fail to evoke an oriental look, install in doubles for balance.A zen room is a place of harmony.Play with natural light.Zen living room

First knew about   sander about 6 or 7 yrs back  , when i started getting interested in  the concept of minimalism . Sander after a break has been collaborating with UNIQLO since a few years. Anywayz , her designs  , to me symbolize the concept of minimalistic design in fashion – clean ,simple cuts and austere lines – a soothing visual treat…..


Designer Jil Sander

Few pieces from the  master of minimalism ……..The Queen of Clean

jil sander


Sustainable design

Pergola designs http://www.energyproductsanddesign.com/blog/tag/pergola/

Outdoor Great Room - Pergola


A group of visionary civil engineers at the Indian Institute of Engineers, Bangalore, initiated ASTRA, abbreviation for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Areas. This simple motto led to pioneering research on mud walls, arch roofs, vaults and domes, besides relooking at vernacular designs for modern applications with their work still continuing under the name Gram Vidya.

The unique settlement at Auroville, though started with the spiritual blessings of The Mother, turned out be a world laboratory on alternative designs and constructions. A heaven for students and learners, people keen on exploring cost-effective, eco-friendly and energy-efficient models even today flock to Auroville. The Energy and Resource Institute or TERI has commissioned, collated and contributed a wealth of information towards sustainable buildings.


When he discovered Auroville in 1992, he settled down and began his studio. Here, he converges contemporary living with vernacular principles of design, mainly the climatic, cultural and socio-economic characters of architecture.

Rooted in tradition:The ‘Auromodele’ aims at building for ‘community living’ and breaks the conventional mould of ‘four walls and a roof’

Jadeja also believes that Indian design supports minimalism in many ways, “I see minimalism in architecture as being minimal use of energy, minimal impact on environment, minimal intrusion on the social, aesthetical and cultural identity of the place.

To understand the deeper meaning of minimalism in architecture, architects need to create space for crafts, culture and identity and arrive at a more contemporary language for traditions. “There are positive signs in textile design, films, fashion, and furniture in different parts of the world. In India, I am still waiting for a big movement in architecture,” says Jadeja.

http://www.permaculture.org/nm/index.php/site/index/ –   Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor. It teaches us how build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities and much more.

Paper products made out of elephant and rhinoceros excreta

http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-features/tp-sundaymagazine/saving-the-planet-with-poo/article4493446.ece  –  ……………..“It was our intention to make this a completely eco-friendly product. The paper is made by mixing the dung with other waste products like hosiery rags. The paper is organic and acid-free. It further helps in the conservation of two endangered species — the Greater One Horned Rhino and the Asian Elephant. It is also wood-free, so it helps save trees. The paper is recyclable and biodegradable, and no chemicals harmful to the environment are used in making the paper. Finally, no toxic waste is generated.”






minimalist homes





and allocation of space.

Shimogamo House modern Japanese styleShimogamo House modern Japanese style

Shimogamo House modern Japanese style1Shimogamo House modern Japanese style1

Shimogamo House modern Japanese style2Shimogamo House modern Japanese style2




house that guests will definitely cozy and relaxing.

Minimalism wooden mountain panoramaMinimalism wooden mountain panorama

Minimalism wooden mountain panorama1Minimalism wooden mountain panorama1

Minimalism wooden mountain panorama2Minimalism wooden mountain panorama2




llllllllov blown coloured/stained glass

the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvignethe blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne

the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne1the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne1

the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne2the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne2

Creative design

Stylish Interiors

“In the world of Architecture Design, nothing is static. There is constant transformation of different styles and shapes.”

Cal_image 06

“The interference of small details, which are part of all our lives, encouragedesign innovation.
Human creativity is unlimited. Everyday we are reinventing and creating something new.”

Cal_image 03

“Today, the luxury is in the simplicity and purity of different styles, and so each individual can discover an independent reality. Though creativity exists in everyone, it has to be fed. The constant study of form and function, different research materials and my many travels around the world has led to this valuable learning and has brought new ideas.”

Cal_image 01

Cal_image 10

http://www.househomedesign.com/architecture/minimalist-of-modern-japanese-architectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture

Minimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture