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Of bad days and boxes

The entire last week was really bad  ………………i hope there is some verdict  about counselling/seats before the courts go on vacation.

But it has also made me  see the difference the regular practice of meditation makes and its high time i resume my practice after a loooooooong break. But at the end of the day there’s nothing like a  a chat with a good friend ,   a good book , a christie , readin’ up some good blogs , a little of tumblin’ and a horror flick  to lift up  one’s spirits. LIFE !!!!!!!

It also lead me to thinking – may be out of context or not – of how we tend to live in and look through from boxes  – boxes we have inherited and more importantly , those which are self-made , to get out of the boxes we get at birth , we don’t break through them ….rather build larger ones in their place , making our vision more blurry . Does it  mean that we spend our entire lives  either trying to really  break free from them or be free momentarily by escaping and hiding in building new boxes around us ?????????? The big question box !!!!!!!!!



aseaofquotes:Diana Rowland, My Life as A White Trash Zombie

“There is nothing like a good book to put you to sleep with the illusion that life is rich and meaningful.”Robert Penn Warren, All the King’s Men

lindsayolohan:That’s scaryparadoxically-free :  feel like frowning in a sea of sadness today……………

Living Creed - Good Life ProjectBy Anne Emond


So that was that !!!!   now onto blogging excerpts from the novels read………….

Personality Quiz

Took –    The Shortest Personality Quiz Ever (from the tumblr link)  today – my result / personality  –Quirky -Your personality is quirky! You aren’t the average bear. Honestly, you’re kind of a weirdo. But you’ve accepted that fact! You have eclectic tastes, some of which can make you a bit of an outsider..(genius ! it only confirms what i know already , fml )

WTH !!!!!!


NEET PG Supreme Court Case postponed to 26th February –

pg test or  test of patience ????????? BH …………………

e from articles , quotes

“At times, although one is perfectly in the right, one’s legs tremble,” wrote philosopher V.V. Rozanov. “At other times, although one is completely in the wrong, birds sing in one’s soul.” …………There are a couple of caveats, though: The beautiful truth won’t be simple and bright; it’ll be dense, convoluted, and kaleidoscopic. And the birds’ songs will sound more like a philharmonic orchestra pounding out Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony than a single flute playing a quaint folk song.

Remember all those friends who were going to be your “bestest” pals forever and a day until the end of time? Now that some have passed on and others were just rats leaving a sinking ship. Gotta say, however, that there are people who have been just as disappointed in you. Not everyone, though. Even in this moment when you don’t know where the hell you are headed, at least you know who your true friends are.

Liberation lies within what you love to do ……………… it is as simple as that and yet again it may not seem so. Lift the veil and see the truth that once you follow your heart’s desire everything suddenly feels so much easier. You don’t necessarily have to believe me, but for the sake of it why not give it a try; you may just be amazed at how rewarding it is once you first get started.

 Try not to sit in judgment of others – you don’t always know what their journey has been like.The tides turn on everyone, now and then.

Everybody has something of value that they can share with others – even if it is just some time or even a smile.

 Dare to be different and aim for the experience of a lifetime.

Give people the love they need and you will find that the love you require will come to you as well

You continue to learn that the only valid way to control life is to change the way you perceive it. As Marianne Williamson says, “You are heir to the laws of the world you believe in.” Meaning that as long as you perceive yourself as being powerless or separated from the goodness you want in your life, you will continue to experience that reality.

Follow whatever intuitively streams into you. It will not require any effort or force, simply openness and trust..

F*** my life

have fever ……….feeling quite down and depressed today