16th Jan , 2013 – – GZ – impressionism vs expressionism……….dark-stark-diagonal lines-post world war1 -low self esteem- easy target of criminals – first speaker -impressive- 2nd one -on dance more expressive , which brings me to the topic of bausch- here expressionism is at once raw and moving – all that dance shud stand for ….but as i saw more of her slides – ballet totally disappears – is that the reason they call it “Tanz  theatre ? ” , i wud prefer her innovativeness but the structure of ballet-   i think  ‘structured rebellion ‘or disciplined rebellion – as paradoxical as it sounds  – is always better than rebel without a form – ‘coz  u atleast give an idea of what form u r revolutionizing – ballet or not – her dance is true dance – free expression of raw emotion – ballet i feel is more emotionally guarded.

Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost!” -Pina Bausch

 8th jan 2013- Learnt  flamenco dance @work shop with  Sheila Schroeder –  Flamenco- SevillaPaseo – grace+passion .