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Of lockdowns , mindfulness , cooking etc

2020 was the time we literally wore (wearing) masks ,which we have been wearing in an increasingly social media /social networking driven society. Is it better to be anonymous or be your fake self on social media ?????

Social media, on the other hand became a platform for a massive public campaign – demanding justice for SSR (even as news channels abruptly stopped reporting the case – and forensic/decoding experts from the public taking an initiative and debunking the suicide/depression theory) …. , resulting in a CBI /NCB enquiry .With conspiracy theories still floating around and a lot of unanswered questions , will the truth ever come out ??

Pandemic/lockdown was also the time to hone up meditation/yoga practices and focus on mental health through mindful rituals, to get connected to and be your authentic self and #VibeHigher . When you can’t go out in nature and more importantly , have to go without Zomato /swiggy and trying out different buffet spreads at restaurants more often than not, learning to cook is the best way not only to revel in the simple pleasures of cooking for your family , but also to vicariously experience nature whilst practicing mindfulness through smelling the aromad ,tasting savouring the tastes, viewing different colours (of the greens) , feeling the textures – #slowdown #slowfoodmovement

Mint pulao with some middle eastern recipe of baked potatoes
Palak paneer
Frozen phirni – icecream??
Hyderabadi Tomato salan
Mother’s Day 2020
Carrot halwa
Lockdown Bday – Who knew Parle-G could be used to bake instant eggless cake – cake for mum’s bday 2020
Veg Biryani for Father’s day 2020
One of the umpteen attempts to emulate authentic Tamilnadu Sambar
Kerala style Appam
Khasta Kachori


Words That Flow Like Water

Is nuclear.

Family, is the brother,

The sister,

The mum

And the dad.



Is the grandparents,

The uncles,

The aunts,

The family from all sides,

Near and far,





The people that you love,



Fight with,




And wives.



Comes in all shapes,

All sizes,

All respects,

And all different.



We think about them,

When we are sad.



We hurt, when they hurt.



We love them, even if we hate them.



When you have none, those you love the most,

Become the people you call “family”.



Is like “home”,

Residing with those who you call your own,

Who love you for who you are,

Who respect what you respect,

And who you respect what they respect,

Who look after you when you’re hurt,

Bleeding, broken hearted, crying,

Who yell…

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Gift of Grandparents

“I miss him still today: his long, whiskery eyebrows,
his huge hands and hugs, his warmth, his prayers, his stories,
but above all his shining example of how to live and how to die.
Bear Grylls, Mud Sweat and Tears


Think about honoring your parents this

birthday instead of expecting presents

from them.  They gave you a body, so say

thank you to them for the rebirth you

currently enjoy.