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Andrée Putman

  She has described her most successful projects as, “the perfect balance between discipline and revolt.”

great indian architect

charles correa – saw a prog about him today……gr8 visionary too……….foresaw the problem of  overcrowding in mumbai very early and suggested solutions like expanding the port harbour……also learnt that he advocated the traditional architectectural feature of central courtyards in  homes…..and incorporated this feature in many of his buildings………………the central courtyard symbolises an empty space in the centre which is symbolic of/for many things (i think also represents the third eye..the spritual centre – inner eye…………..in which one meditates ). he also combined virtual imagery / paintings  juxtaposed with architecture………………….gr8 architect. also designed the gandhi museum……….a floating zen space – simple……holy-like the mahatma. liked his voice and diction too………


http://www.digsdigs.com/cool-inspirations-for-violet-interior-design/  beautiful violet interior design.




love the way this house combines minimalism with retro -retro minimalism


Stribrna Skalice House - Prodesi - Domesi  © Lina Németh

the lightsStribrna Skalice House - Prodesi - Domesi  © Lina NémethStribrna Skalice House - Prodesi - Domesi  © Lina NémethStribrna Skalice House - Prodesi - Domesi  © Lina Németh

The ‘M’ HOUSE  which i saw on Euromaxx deluxe today http://www.archdaily.com/12336/house-m-marc-koehler-architects/


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Modern Home



minimalist homes





and allocation of space.

Shimogamo House modern Japanese styleShimogamo House modern Japanese style

Shimogamo House modern Japanese style1Shimogamo House modern Japanese style1

Shimogamo House modern Japanese style2Shimogamo House modern Japanese style2




house that guests will definitely cozy and relaxing.

Minimalism wooden mountain panoramaMinimalism wooden mountain panorama

Minimalism wooden mountain panorama1Minimalism wooden mountain panorama1

Minimalism wooden mountain panorama2Minimalism wooden mountain panorama2




llllllllov blown coloured/stained glass

the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvignethe blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne

the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne1the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne1

the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne2the blown glass vase by Guillaume Delvigne2


Luis Barragán


Architecture Pritzker Prize: Luis Barragán’s Acceptance Speech

It is alarming that publications devoted to architecture have banished from their pages the words Beauty, Inspiration, Magic, Spellbound, Enchantment, as well as the concepts of Serenity, Silence, Intimacy and Amazement. All these have nestled in my soul, and though I am fully aware that I have not done them complete justice in my work, they have never ceased to be my guiding lights.

“It is impossible to understand Art and the glory of its history without avowing religious spirituality and the mythical roots that lead us to the very reason of being of the artistic phenomenon. Without the one or the other there would be no Egyptian pyramids nor those of ancient Mexico. Would the Greek temples and Gothic cathedrals have existed? Would the amazing marvels of the Renaissance and the Baroque have come about? …”

“In the gardens and homes designed by me, I have always endeavored to allow for the interior placid murmur of silence, and in my fountains, silence sings.”

“Only in intimate communion with solitude may man find himself. Solitude is good company and my architecture is not for those who fear or shun it.”

“Serenity is the great and true antidote against anguish and fear, and today, more than ever, it is the architect’s duty to make of it a permanent guest in the home, no matter how sumptuous or how humble. Throughout my work I have always strived to achieve serenity, but one must be on guard not to destroy it by the use of an indiscriminate palette.”

“The certainty of death is the spring of action and therefore of life, and in the implicit religious element in the work of art, life triumphs over death. ”

“It is essential to an architect to know how to see: I mean, to see in such a way that the vision is not overpowered by rational analysis. … And it may not be out of place to quote another great friend of mine and of the Arts, the poet Carlos Pellicer: Through sight the good and the bad / we do perceive / Unseeing eyes / Souls deprived of hope.”

Stylish Interiors

“In the world of Architecture Design, nothing is static. There is constant transformation of different styles and shapes.”

Cal_image 06

“The interference of small details, which are part of all our lives, encouragedesign innovation.
Human creativity is unlimited. Everyday we are reinventing and creating something new.”

Cal_image 03

“Today, the luxury is in the simplicity and purity of different styles, and so each individual can discover an independent reality. Though creativity exists in everyone, it has to be fed. The constant study of form and function, different research materials and my many travels around the world has led to this valuable learning and has brought new ideas.”

Cal_image 01

Cal_image 10


http://www.househomedesign.com/architecture/minimalist-of-modern-japanese-architectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture

Minimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese ArchitectureMinimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture Minimalist of Modern Japanese Architecture