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Vacay , marathons etc.etc..


earth sounds

Nature in all its glory – wonderful

This soulful piece of music was made popular by the auteur Wong Kar Wai by using in his film  , the perfect accompaniment to his slow motion sequences  . I haven’t seen the film , but the music and his style has been the inspiration for many spinoffs   . Coupling this  with  Kill Bill –  Green hornet ,  to  fully savour  the   masterpiece .


contd. from aug 2011…………

Japanese Tea Ceremony

A solemn traditional Japanese tea ceremony conducted with deliberateness.

Beautiful kimono. Oh and, for you all who don’t see the reason for going through “all that trouble,” the tea ceremony is about more than the drinking of tea — and at the same time, it is about less. More about being quiet and meditative, thoughtful and deliberate, graceful and simple. It is about entering a calm, meditative state of mind and momentarily slipping into a more intimate relationship with those present. Not about guzzling tea. Though the tea does have meaning itself. Look it up.


Words of the Buddha