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When I sit on my cliff-edge with untimed 
patience, letting the beauty and serenity of my surroundings seep into my being, I begin to feel that I, 
too, have become a part of the quiet landscape. I am absorbing into my nature the stillness of Himalaya. I squat on the ground rooted like the 
Deodar tree before me.

We humans have become so self-important and 
so self-conceited in our own eyes that it does not 
occur to us that the Great Mother who bears us so 
patiently , feeds us with such 
abundant variety of foodstuffs, and takes us back 
again when we are sufficiently tired, has a purpose of 
her own which she wishes to achieve in us if we will 
but let her. We have set up our schemes and projects, we have decided what we want to get from life, and we are thinking, striving, struggling and even 
agonizing in our efforts to obtain the satisfaction of 
our desires. If, however, we devoted a quarter of our time to ceasing from self-efforts and quietly 
letting Nature’s mind permeate our own, we might 
make a wise revision of the catalogue of things wanted, yet at the same time secure Nature’s co-operation in obtaining them. 
The world is but an enlarged hotel, where we are 
lodged and fed by Mother Nature, pay our bill and 
then pass on.

To co-operate with Nature 
is to give up carrying the burden of life 
and to let her carry it for us ; everything becomes 
easy, even miraculous. 
I have seen these truths before, but now, in my 
mountain sanctuary and in closer tie with the Mother, 
I see them with startling clarity. 
A poet has said that Nature is the garment of 
God. Yes, but to me Nature is indistinguishable from 
If God is the Grand Architect, then Nature is the Master Builder of this universe, in the Freemasonic 
system of our world. 
My Master explains the futility of separative 
self-effort by an effective simile. He asks, ” What 
would you think of a man who entered the compartment of a railway carriage whilst carrying a trunk on 
his head, and who then sat, down on his seat but 
refused to put the trunk down on the floor ? Yet people refuse to surrender the burdens of their existence to God, insisting on carrying them themselves 
under the delusion that no one else can carry them, 
just as the man in the train was under the delusion 
that it was not the train but himself who carried the 
trunk. So, too, God who supports this earth supports us and our burdens and carries all along with 

High up on a snow-surrounded natural throne, Shiva, the god who took the 
body of a Yogi, is still believed to be lost in one 
eternal aeon-old meditation. In the little tree￾shadowed valley of Agastyamuni, the great Seer 
named Agastya had practised his Yoga in ancient 
times. The sacred river Bhagirathi which flows across 
this kingdom is mentioned in the holy books, the 
Puranas, for it is really the chief feeder of the Ganges. 
Its name is associated with that of King Bhagirath, a 
royal Saint. The temple of Badri Narayan in a glacier valley is sacred even to the Buddhists, no less than 
the Hindus,The place suggests cloistral peace. If serenity can be
attained anywhere on earth, this is indeed one region
among the few. This unspoilt border State, where the
ancient Hindu gods have walked, seems quite apart
from the rest of India.Most spiritual of all
trees, legend makes the deodar the favourite of the