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When the Hindu sacred syllable AUM is uttered it is a sound and meaning fractal. Although it is not a word, but just itself, OM. It is heard as OM, but is contains three Sanskrit parts, that are sounds that nevertheless universal.
A is the natural sound that arises with the open human mouth without manipulating the lips or throat or tongue..the sound first heard from a newborn baby..AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHH!

It is the first letter of the Sanskrit English, Islamic, Greek, Roman, Hebrew and many other alphabets used by the human family.

Emitting this first sound and slowly bringing the open mouth to closed, the sound becomes UUUU, or phonetically OOOO. I don’t know enough of other alphabetsbut I know this is the last vowel U in English. When these two sounds come together they form the dipthong (two vowels sounded or elided, merged together as one) O…

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