May was bike month , few pics from my tumblelog


vintageindianclothing:A Bombay Scorcher. Is that the bicycle or the bicycle?!This was of course a saucy postcard as opposed to being taken on the streets of Bombay while this barefoot lass was going about her day’s business. Her smile is sweet, her sari is tied Maharashtrian style (maybe just tuck away that falling pleat?!) and her blouse is cute and snug with a glimpse of decolletage. And she has blouse armband jewellery. Win. 


journaldelamode:Edie Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Stephanie Hall, Lara Mullen, Sam Rollinson, Rosie Tapner & Charlotte Wiggins by Angelo Pennetta for Vogue UK Feb 2013

Flip-Flops by Graz Cycle Chic on Flickr.

justthedesign:Mens Coat Scotch & SodaCopenhagen’s bike share system is unique as the only large scale free bike share system that actually has worked. However, time is up. New and better bike share systems can be found elsewhere.

simplifyyourlife:Worry less. Ride more.

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