1) STOP WORRYING —-It is injurious to mind.

 2) DO NOT ENVY   —–It is a waste of time n energy.
 3) ACCEPT UR LIMITATIONS —-All of us cannot b great.
 4) HAVE FAITH IN PEOPLE—-If u r trustworhty,he can also be.
 5) READ A BOOK—-It will stimulate imagination.
 6) FIND A GOOD HOBBY—-It will relax ur nerves.
 7) SPEND SOME TIME ALONE—-It will give u peace.
 8) HAVE AN INTIMATE FRIEND—-He will share ur sorrow.
 9) TRUST IN GOD—-Do ur best n leave with HIM the rest.
10) BEGIN THE DAY WITH PRAYER—-It will warm ur soul.
11) THINK POSITIVE—-It will solve ur problems.
12) RESPECT THE ELDERS—-One day u will be elder.
13) KEEP UR TEMPER—-You cannot afford to loose it.
14) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF—-It is within u.
15) DO NOT RUN AFTER HAPPINESS—-It is within u.
16) NEVER WASTE TIME—-It is valuable asset.
17) DO NOT UPSET WITH SUNSET—-Sun will rise tomorrow.
18) LOVE EVERYBODY—-You will be loved by all.
19) BE CONFIDENT—-You can do anything.
20) ENJOY PRESENT MOMENT—-Past is past,future is unknown.
21) KEEP PRACTICAL APPROACH—-It is way to happiness.
22) CONTROL UR ANGER—-It adds ‘D’ n become Danger.
23) BE SOFT SPOKEN—-World is full of noise.
24) THINK BIG—-That will make u big.
25) WORK HARD—-There is no substitute.
26) KEEP SMILING—-It will increase ur face value.
27) BE CREATIVE—-You can convert challenge into opportunity.
28) CONTROL UR LANGUAGE—-It reflects ur character.
29) REMOVE UR FEAR—-GOD is always with u.
30) DO ‘CHINTAN’ DAILY—-It is food for the soul.