Life progresses by continual affirmation and negation. If we are to understand the proper value and significance of a thing, we have to observe it with a detached vision. By renouncing we gain. Our day’s work would have lost all charm and ground down our soul if we had not the oblivion of nightly sleep. This is a truth, the profundity of which often escapes us. We think that to do the best in anything we must be attached to it. We forget that attachment binds and to that extent limits our powers and capacity to accomplish. It is in inner detachment that we go beyond limitations and that our being flows in unimpeded streams.

To learn and practice such detachment we must time and again retreat and introspect about our journey, its direction, its speed and destination. We must have a break and a pause which make as hold on to the eternal and the permanent more strongly. We gain strength thereby to look upon the world and its concerns with an amused eye. After all, to act is not our vocation. To think or to feel also is not our nature. To be, that is our real nature. To be, to become the eternal, beyond all change and necessity of change, that is the goa