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h 2 colours

living room with a combination of red and white 510x329

example of how 2 colours create an elegant look . here white and red are used

See and feel this magic design. This is a design of Celio apartments designed by Italian architect Carola Vannini who think like a magician. With the renovation and redesign of the old structure, he’s realizing exceptional apartment Celio this. The apartments are located close to the Colosseo in Rome, Italy. Spacious living room with a combination of red and white colors give the impression of artistic depth, plus the wooden floor is gray. Proper placement of furniture make the interior design looks stunning, giving rise to a variety of perspectives into the living room. Beautiful paintings hanging on the walls further add to the feel of a miracle. This Celio apartment is equipped with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, a place to practice, a kitchen and dining room is modern. All of this magic apartment design will attract the attention of every guest who comes. How about you?

hallway to the balcony 510x376

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unusual design of the bathroom 510x338unique grey bathroom 510x744place to have some practice 510x373modern kitchen and dining table 510x336modern bathroom at the apartment 510x378lovely garnish on the dining table 510x341inspiring office at the apartment 510x338dining room with lovely garnish 510x359dining room with beautiful outside scenery 510x341details of the kitchen and dining room 510x376details of the first bathroom 510x374bedroom with purple domination 510x338bedroom with a combination of grey and green 510x344beautiful painting hanging on the wall 510x345beautiful furnitures at the house 510x764atmosphere at the bathroom 510x340

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