Seraglio of Sorrow

Grey and empty skies pierced
by leaden cries.
Bleeds the heart in sorrow
that cannot cry.
Her days filled with shade,
dark memories surround her.

Joy passes quickly,
it’s pain and remorse remain.
Frozen in a moment,
the hopeless heart sinks into despair.
Her days filled with shade,
dark memories surround her.

Out her window softly,
the gentle breeze shakes the winter tree.
No one hears the blossoms falling
on the crystal snow.
Bright promises of future hope.

This is very strongly based on a poem quoted in the Judge Dee mystery _The Chinese Nail Murders_ as being of Chinese antiquity. I wanted something I could sing.

The original
“Winter’s Eve in the Seraglio”
The lonely birds cry in the lonely winter sky,
But lonelier still the heart — that may not cry.
Dark memories come and haunt her from the past,
Joy passes, it’s remorse and sorrow that last.
Oh that but once new love could still old pain:
The winter prune on new year’s eve in bloom again!
Opening the window she sees the shivering tree below
And hears the blossoms falling in the crystal snow.