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observe and question but don’t debate

……………….  it is your perspective on past and future that determines your life each day. View the past not as good or bad but as necessary and valuable in the making of the future.

… So we beat on, boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly into the past…..

F. Scott Fitzgerald,  The Great Gatsby

………………………………… Stop holding all that pain in. Let it out! Let it go. Get it over with. And get everything you’ve been putting off out of the way. Let  the truth about your past can be buffeted to the surface where you, and possibly others, can finally accept it for what it is.

Go back over your life’s journey and remember everything you’ve done, everyone you’ve met, everywhere you’ve been, everything you’ve lost and gained, given and taken; your thoughts, your feelings, your love, your happiness, your anger, your fears, your passions, your ideas, your laughter, your tears, your satisfaction and your guilt – everything.

Even if you believe you are living fully in the moment, you will now learn just how cleverly you have mastered the art of denial. Just look at what is happening in the world and you will realize that denial of reality is precisely what is keeping the turmoil going.

The same is true of your own situation. As issues of the past continue to bombard your present-day reality, you will know that continued denial is no longer an option. The past is always present. The past shapes the present, and only your full acceptance of the past – the recent past included – can bring you into a much needed state of ease. As you start to feel more comfortable with your past, you will be able to feel yourself moving into the richness of present time. And from the present, you can point yourself in the direction you want your future to take.

Your past is your truth, your experience. It is what it took to bring you to where you are. It is what it took to make you the person you are, and to inspire you to be the person you are meant to become.

You may not have all the answers, but you can sense that the best is yet to come. Your emotions are not the enemy. Emotional denial is the enemy. Your feelings simply require the freedom to express themselves.

Stop denying that you’re afraid of what might lay ahead. No one can know what the future holds, but we do know that what the present holds is sure to influence it. That is why letting go of the pain or fear you are holding onto is so important now.

You may feel an emptiness inside after this emotional release because of the sheer pressure that has left your body. Guilt may try to fill the space you have created by telling you that it is wrong to be so emotional. Guilt does not want this healing to take place; it simply wants you to feel guilty. Recognize guilt’s wretched voice and move away from it, without denying its existence. Then you will be able to remember that happiness is also an emotion which needs to be expressed as and when it arises.

It is clear that you are moving inward through layers of
yourself, sometimes with what seems like terrifying speed and at other
times, barely fast enough. This is a journey toward something within you,
some seed idea or core concept that has, in truth, guided your whole life so
far. As you proceed inward, you may feel compelled to cast off aspects of
yourself, to confront seeming “flaws” in your nature, and to endure what
seem like personal losses. This will be easier if you remember that these
are merely layers of yourself you no longer need, and that what seem to be
sacrifices will move you faster toward embodying your untouched and
invulnerable inner spirit.