The time comes when the pain to remain a caterpillar is greater than the metamorphosis it takes to become a butterfly.AlexSandra L. Lett 

It is tact that is golden – not silence.Samuel Butler

Do not allow your new-found confidence to turn into over-confidence or arrogance. That could spell BIG trouble for you. Neither should you think the worst in areas which did not go exactly to plan. Knowing what went right, and being satisfied with it, is what matters ……….. Patience and faith are the keys………..Use your own power to empower someone else. Be prepared to give unselfishly, but do remember that you cannot give what you haven’t got.  Let yourself feel the strength you have gained from this year of self-empowerment. Be proud of who you were, because that was the person whose desire to grow and evolve brought you to who and where you are now.  

Self-acceptance enables you to feel so relaxed that you can live, moment-by-moment, without concern of what others think of you, or of what your next problem might be.

The self-respect  can be shared by respecting others.