Take care that you do not become obnoxious insisting that your dharma is the only way to make life work.

find a balance between your new ideas and others needs and desires.

Healing is more than fixing something that is broken ……………………., healing can mean many different things. In some ways, allowing the brokenness to remain broken is the healing you need to move forward. With your penchant for changing and improving the world, it can be a tough lesson to accept that not everything is repairable, or that repair is not the answer anyway. You can find a deep sense of peace and grace , as you let go and just allow. It’s like Krishnamurti’s answer to how he attained equanimity. He replied: I don’t mind what happens.

………………………. Willpower alone can’t control life. There will always be a certain amount of chance and all your worrying won’t change that. You have to learn to let go and take things in stride. Some things will happen without your involvement.

……………….. Loving and nurturing your Self more is a great start…

………….after negotiating the  storms and squalls,  the sea  calms down, and soon the journey will be plain sailing.


You all ready have all the answers you’ll ever need, just look inside your heart. Try to get time to yourself, just to think things out and explore your own ideas. You need to think carefully before you rush into anything – particularly in connection to relationships. Make sure you don’t force others to act against their principles. Address your anger and angst, when you do you will be liberated to be much more compassionate to yourself and others.


The thing is, the future is completely unwritten yet and utterly out of your control, which of course makes you crazy .What you need is inner peace. 

Everyone around the world must become a Thinker. Thinker begins with thinking. Usually we simply believe what other people  believe and think.    In our world ignorance is more acceptable than thinking. This must change for humanity. ……..the ’ mind is supposed to be illumined with the light of knowledge. Throughout all your lifetimes, illumination grows and eventually glows in your mind. Knowers and Thinkers see this light.