read at one go yesterday night…………now that i remember ,  maybe that’s the reason i had a gud night’s sleep and woke up happy ?!    many twists and turns……….suspected nick at one point due to the  ‘ old nick-young nick thing ‘  –  u know christie’s predilection for  ” evil streak  running  in the family ” ….but with the box of chocolates ……….i ruled her out .ok  , here go the excerpts………..

No seaside town in the south of England is, I think, as attractive as St. Loo. It is well named the Queen of Watering Places and  reminds one forcibly of the Riviera. The Cor-nish coast is to my mind every bit as fasci-nating as that of the south of France.

And for the English I have always had, as you know, a great admiration.

She impressed me, I think, as the most tired person I had ever met. Tired in mind, not in body, as though she had found everything in the world to be empty and valueless.

“She’s one of my oldest friends,” she said, “and I always think loyalty’s such a tiresome virtue, don’t you? Principally practiced by the Scotch like thrift and keeping the Sab-bath.

“Possibly. It is an interesting subject of after-dinner conversation are all criminals really madmen? There may be a malformation in their grey cells yes, it is very likely. That, it is the affair of the doctor. For me I have different work to perform. I have the innocent to think of, not the guilty the victim, not the criminal. It is you I am considering, Mademoiselle, not your unknown assailant. You are young and beautiful, and the sun shines and the world is pleasant, and there is life and love ahead of you. It is all that of which I think, Mademoiselle.

“Lonely? What a funny idea. I’m not down here much, you know. I’m usually in  London.Relations are too devastating as a rule. They fuss and interfere. It’s much more fun to be on one’s own.”