la recherche des elephants’

Nom d’un petit bonhomme – name of a matchstick

“As one journeys through life,” said Poirot, “one finds more and more that people are often interested in things that are none of their own business. Even more so than they are in things that could be considered as their own business.”

A fairly imperious woman. Would have her way. Intelligent, intellectual, satisfied, he thought, with life as she  had lived it, enjoying the pleasures and suffering the sorrows life brings.

I believe that it is fairly well recognized by the medical profession that identical twins are born either with a great bond between them, a great likeness in their characters which means that although they may be divided in their environment, where they are brought up, the same things will happen to them at the same time of life. They will take the same trend. Some of the cases quoted as medical examples seem quite extraordinary.Two sisters, one living in Europe, one, say, in France, the other in England, they have a dog of the same kind which they choose at about the same date. They marry men singularly alike. They give birth perhaps to a child almost within a month of each other. It is as though they have to follow the pattern wherever they are and without knowing what the other one is doing. Then there is the opposite to that. A kind of revulsion, a hatred almost, that makes one sister draw apart, or one brother reject the other as though they seek to get away from the sameness, the likeness, the knowledge, the things they have in common. And that can lead to very strange results.”

“I know,” said Poirot, “I have heard of it. I have seen it

once or twice. Love can turn to hate very easily. It is easier to

hate where you have loved than it is to be indifferent where

you have loved.”

I am thinking of the girl, Celia. A rebellious girl, spirited, difficult perhaps to manage but with brains, a good mind, capable of happiness, capable of courage, but needing—there are people who need—truth. Because they can face truth without dismay. They can face it with that brave acceptance that you have to have in life if life is to be any good to you.