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: It may be countless births that a Jivatma has to take before it can attain liberation. Lord Krishna shows us a ladder that can be used for this purpose.

Knowledge of the essential nature of the Supreme Brahman, the Jivatma and the inanimate objects in the world is the first rung of the ladder. But mere knowledge of these truths and even proficiency in arguing their veracity will be of no avail to step ahead to the next rung of the ladder, said Velukkudi Sri Krishnan in a lecture.

These truths have to be internalised and brought into the very way of life of the individual. The basic truth that the Self is imperishable while the body is subject to constant change involving growth and decay — a natural phenomenon that is witnessed all around — has to be deeply imprinted in the individual’s consciousness.

It is very tempting to get carried away by power, wealth, status, intelligence, scholarship, etc., so much so that, our actions are prompted by the feeling that these will continue for ever. We thus spend our life time consolidating these, despite their fleeting nature and fail to strengthen the well-being of the Self that is the indweller in each being.

Knowing the fickle nature of the human mind and its weaknesses, Lord Krishna’s step-by-step recipe of Karma Yoga forms the second rung of the ladder. Its simple and practical formula cuts across all walks of life. Action subsumes thought, word and deed and is unavoidable and compulsory to every one.

The mind of a person who chooses solitude might be filled with worldly thoughts; and one who is in the thick of activity with many people may be mentally in communion with God.

The Lord advises us to get involved in our ordained duties. The emphasis is on the performance of these duties with commitment and detachment. Any contradiction in the two demands is resolved in the advice to dedicate all actions and their fruits to Him.

Jnana Yoga representing the purity of mind — the perfect springboard for striving for liberation — is the third rung of the ladder.

Marcel Proust the great French novelist and philosopher, once said, in reality, every reader is, while he is reading, the reader of his own self…and the recognition by the reader in his own self of what the book says is the proof it its veracity.This is an axiom that underlies not just the best novels but also the ideal reader, who can confirm the best and the worst of his or her life through the experience of reading a good novel.

The offsetting of the cold realities of war with stories of the quirky and plucky members of the book club is essentially a celebration of the written word and its transformational power. This is a book for book lovers, book clubs and for everyone else who needs to reaffirm to themselves the redemptive power of literature.

  • There is still no bar on trying the corporate perpetrators of the Bhopal tragedy, including Warren Anderson.

When it comes to the U.S., international law is the vanishing point of punitive jurisprudence

Crime statistics almost wholly ignore corporate or business crime-

To generate awareness about genetic resources conservation, each year May 22 is observed as the International Day for Biological Diversity. The U.N. has designated 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity. Leaders from 170 countries will gather at a U.N. Biodiversity Summit in Nagoya, Japan, in October 2010 to adopt a roadmap to stop biodiversity loss.

A tribal village in the Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu. These villages are leading the way in revitalising the conservation traditions of tribal families, without compromising on their economic well-being.

These villages are leading the way in revitalising the conservation traditions of tribal families, without compromising on their economic well-being.

Biodiversity loss is predominantly related to habitat destruction largely for commercial exploitation, and for alternative uses such as road-building. Invasive alien species and unsustainable development cause genetic erosion. How can we reverse the paradigm and enlist development as an effective instrument to conserve biodiversity?

During the tsunami, mangroves served as speed-breakers and saved people from the waves. He said everyone in the village now understood the symbiotic relationship between mangroves and coastal communities. The mangroves here are now in safe hands.

……………… adding value to primary products and finding niche markets for traditional foodgrains.  Commercialisation thus became the trigger for conservation.

In Biovillages, the conservation and enhancement of natural resources become priority tasks. At the same time, the Biovillage community aims to increase the productivity and profitability of small farms and create livelihood opportunities in the non-farm sector. Habitat conservation is vital to prevent genetic erosion. In a Biovalley, local communities try to link biodiversity, biotechnology and business in a mutually reinforcing manner. A Herbal Biovalley under development in Koraput aims to conserve medicinal plants and local foods and convert them into value-added products based on assured and remunerative market linkages. Such sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity leads to an era of biohappiness. Tribal families in Koraput have formed a “Biohappiness Society.”

REAP THE BENEFITS Pay attention to your  thoughts PHOTO: AP
REAP THE BENEFITS Pay attention to your thoughts PHOTO: AP